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“I have a love for fashion, and I wanted to create items inspired by African cultures”

Tukabijoux was born out of Tukas passion for culture. Products are made from African print material that is sourced around Africa. The main focus is to create handmade accessories with versatile designs that can be worn multiple times.

Selected products by TukaBijoux

Handcrafted Cushion Cover

Handcrafted Cushion Cover

TUK-CUS-BLU-001 R225.00
Handcrafted Green Clutch BagHandcrafted Green Clutch Bag

Handcrafted Green Clutch Bag

TUK-CLU-GRE-001 R415.00
Handcrafted Tie and Pocket SquareHandcrafted Tie and Pocket Square

Handcrafted Tie and Pocket Square

TUK-TIE-YEL-001 R360.00
Handcrafted Bow Tie and Pocket SquareHandcrafted Bow Tie and Pocket Square

Handcrafted Bow Tie and Pocket Square

TUK-BOW-TUR-001 R360.00
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